Pen pressure opacity feature?

i guess this was asked at some point in the forum but couldn’t a clear answear.
I have been using asprite for a while now. My games are mostly pixel art, but sometimes I need to draw some concept art before making it pixel art. It is quite paintfull not to have a pressure opacity feature as in photoshop for that concept art. I tried to set a gradient pressure that goes from gray to black, but that is really bad because it draw a black line and then on the next pass you don’t apply much pressure, it goes back to grey. My solution is to just set the alpha brush around 100, but of course this is not related at all with pressure.

Or maybe what I am asking for is already there but I can’t see it, because it is quite an essential feature in my opinion.



hi, there! yeah, atm this feature is kinda not there.
as for now, gradient pressure doesn’t work if fb/bg colours are mask or have alpha = 0. however, it does work with colours having alpha values other than 0.
so what you can do is set both foreground and background colour to same colour and set alpha of background colour to 1.
this will resolve the problem of the low pressure dot at the end of the lines too. on the other hand you may encounter artefacts, especially when drawing lines quickly…

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awesome!!! thanks olga.
Is it possible so save the brush settings? foreground´, background and their respective alphas?

no problem, glad it helps.
yes, before clicking on ‘save brush’ in drop down menu, click on the arrow and make sure foreground and background are selected. then the brush will be stored with those colours. dynamics options won’t be stored though.

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