Pencil keeps functioning like Paint Bucket, especially when I blur to blend colors

How do I stop it? When I use the eye dropper, the color is “transparent” or “opaque” and just keeps darkening the color on itself

Hard to explain the problem tbh

But usually happens when I use the eye dropper with other files’ colors and mix them

Then again, I think something’s wrong with my aseprite, keeps lagging and glitching for a few micro-seconds or moves too fast or hard somehow

Hi @SwordSorcery2020, I’m a little confused. I’m not sure how the Pencil tool could behave like the Paint Bucket, or what the “darkening the color” is related to the Paint Bucket.

Is the issue that the Pencil is behaving like the Paint Bucket, or that the Pencil is darkening colors?

Just in case, if you use the eye dropper in a semi-transparent color, the alpha can be < 255

And if the simple ink is selected (which is the default mode)


The Pencil tool will composite/mix colors (if you make the color opaque/alpha = 255, the Pencil tool will paint as normal). Anyway the current color shouldn’t make the Pencil tool behave like the Paint Bucket.

Okay, will try it when I encounter that problem again, not sure how to describe my problem specifically sorry