Pencil tool & Jumble tool pen pressure white/transparent points bug

There is Pencil and Jumble tools bug when using pen with Pressure controlling Size of brush.

Way to reproduce:

  1. Use Wacom tablet and set Pen Pressure to control brush Size with Min/Max 1…64
  2. Create RGB sprite at least ~ 256x256
  3. Fill two halves of canvas/layer with two contrast colors (avoid white color)
  4. Select Jumble tool and set Size 64 and Opacity 255 for easier bug detection
  5. Use pen to jumble colors border side to side with nearly max pen pressure

Result: Jumble tool generates white/transparent points from time to time, especially with fast pen movements. White color generated for Background layer. Transparent generated for normal layers.

Guess: pen pressure differs at different stages of “jumbling”, causing different brush size and taking white/transparent color from “nowhere”.

Same for Pencil tool. It could accidentally generate white/transparent points.

This never happens for mouse drawing/jumbling.

@dacap What about this bug?

I’ll try to review this and other posts next week. (This week is my “week off”, anyway I was checking some posts in the forum but I try to take some time off.)