Pencil tool lag and not registering input

Hi all, I have encountered an issue where aseprite is not reading my mouse or graphics tablet input correctly when using the pencil tool. There is lag and unregistered marks.

See example where I drew a box and tried to colour it in with the pencil tool

This issue started soon after I used brush dynamics which I have since toggled off and deleted the brush I created.

I’ve checked whether snapping or “perfect pixels” were enabled and they are not. I’ve also re-installed aesprite V.1.3.2 with no luck

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Nevermind, I found the issue. “Stabiliser” was ticked in dynamics for brushes which caused the problem.


I had to sign up to say THANKS A LOT, this was driving me crazy, yesterday it was working just fine and suddenly that lag materialized. I’ve spent several hours searching about this issue and nothing helped, until I bumped into your post.