Pikachu before and after

not that much improvement but i thought i would post it anyway


While I appreciate your effort to enhance the design by adding colored outlines, I suggest that the highlights would appear more pleasing if the border had fewer color variations. Adding a smaller but bigger value difference gradient would help with the fact that some brown shades seem superfluous. If you analyze an illustration of Pikachu (one with a rounder shape), you can notice the application of colored outlines contrasted by the darkest and lightest colors in the outlines. Also if the hands are the same color on the inside (look at the illustration for example) then they would blend in too much, the solution being that you can create shapes on the inside of the outline using the shading color. One thing I have learned from playing with Pikachu long enough is that you have to make sure the ears look like they are connected so as much as possible use shading rather than just outlines to get across the shape of things.

After some playing with the outline, and shapes and a bit of breaking the “rules”, this is my version of the Pikachu pose.


Can you animate it?

Are you asking me?

Yes, can you animate it?

Yeah, I don’t want to spend more than an hour or two on this. I put the tail on a separate layer and played with the rotation of things and cleaned it up. Here is Pikachu making a Squirtle face.
Pikachu 2 v2 anim larger


Awesome! Work!

thx for the help phantom! much appreciated (:

this is brilliant & absolutely precious!

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Nice, made me want to try drawing a pikachu in a similar resolution!


Wow, this Pikachu is really cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I could never😭