Piksel-esque Dither Tool

Would it be possible to implement a simple dither tool as seen in Piksel?

I understand a lot of people want a more robust dither tool than that, but right now I feel a bit silly having both Piksel and Aseprite downloaded because the latter didn’t have a similar dither tool.


How does the dither tool work in Piksel?

You input the two colors you want to have the dithering effect with, and then as you draw with the dither tool, those two colors are dithered in a semi-random fashion.

My main complaint with that tool though is the need to manually input the colors rather than it auto-detecting what needs to be dithered as one draws, but I don’t know how hard it would be to do that auto-detecting thing I have in mind so shrugs.

Yeah a dithering tool would be nice. Here’s how I work around it at least, if that helps for the time being.

Yeah, that’s the best workaround as far as I know right now. I found it clunkier than the already supplied tool in Piksel so I ended up just putting my sprite in there for the dithering, and then putting it back into Aseprite.

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