Piping colors from another app

Hi, i was trying to find a way to copy colors from my color picker to foreground color on linux. For example

xcolor > example.txt

will give me ability to click on any pixel from Firefox/PureReference and create a file with one hex string like


Is there a way to do something like:

xcolor > aseprite --foreground-color

Linux clipboard experience with aseprite is horrendous(i know that its mostly x11 fault), it can take half a minute and 20 clicks to copypaste hex value from it, but i thought that maybe i don’t need to do copypasting it in the first place. Think simple shortcut like Alt+e - click anywhere you want - continue drawing

Hi @LuciusPollucius, I think the easiest way to fix this would be to finally implement picking colors from the desktop on X11:

On Windows and macOS you can click the foreground color button and drag the mouse to pick colors from other apps, not sure if this would fix your specific use case.

Yeah, dragging mouse doesn’t work in my case, naked os without desktop environment hah. For all the problems what you have with linux, still its only way to work on ancient necroPC.