Pixel-art animations, examples, and sprite sets from video games

Here a list of websites where you can find GIF files with pixel-art animations for reference and learning purposes:


Some more websites with spritesheets and such, for learning & reference :slight_smile:


It is sad this post is lost at the bottom.

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Can a post be pinned in a category? I’ll give a try. It would be nice to have a pinned post with links to reference websites, etc.

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I was asking you about the possibility of pinning messages just now in another post XD
As I could see from the “pinning history”, you pinned and unpinned this, so I suppose it can be done, but I’m curious, why did you unpin it? Do the messages look wrong when they are pinned?

I’ve unpinned it because I saw that the original sites of my post were removed (so I had to edit the URLs). I think the sites weren’t as useful. I have to dedicate some time to edit this post (or create a new) with more resources and pin it again.

If you want you can add these sites in your first post.

Also I see you fixed those 2 links, that’s great! :slight_smile:

The original page for SF3 that you posted is up and working again! :smiley: