Pixels disappear from multiple layers and same place


So i dont even draw or touch the pixels where the problem is occurring. The missing pixels are from a dark outline. Any ideas?

hi, oskar!
can you please elaborate? what aseprite version and what system are you using?
also, what is the context od pixels disappearing? do you perform any actions? can you replicate and record this error?
also, just to check: you say pixels dissapear from multiple layers at the same place, correct? are you sure you don’t accidentally perform some action on all layers at the same time?

Hi. Thanks for answer.

Im on windows 10 64 -and Aseprite v1.2.30

im still not sure when and how this happens.

The pixels disappearing are in multiple layers yes, and same spots more or less but im not working on them pixels. other pixels of same color and layers are not effected.

The affected layers are (i think) always duplicated versions of each other.

If i do any action that could do this im not sure but i would not think so.