Pixly and Aseprite

Hola, estoy intentando abrir un archivo .anim con Aseprite beta 12 pero no lo reconoce, juraría que anteriormente sí pude abrir este tipo de archivos creados con Pixly de Android.
¿Se ha perdido la compatibilidad o nunca la hubo y yo estoy confundido?.

Hello, I am trying to open a .anim file with Aseprite beta 12 but I do not recognize it, I would swear that previously I could open this kind of files created with Pixly from Android.
Has the compatibility been lost or never was there and I am confused?

Hi @SynthED, I’ve removed the .anim support because it was causing crashes in certain cases. Contact me at support@aseprite.org in case that you need the latest version to load these files.

Ok, mando un mail para conseguir esa versión.

Ok I send an email to get that version.
Thank you.