Platformer Animation Sprites

I’m currently continuing Mr Mislav’s Udemy class

Any idea how to properly follow/imitate the example?

I have a hard time keeping track of all the colors and my astigmatism is starting to kick in

Platformer Sprite Animation

I think I get the principle…but it’s harder with more colors

Any tips on how to properly keep track?

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make a palette using the colors of the caracter adn use only that

Okay, managed to more-or-less copy Mr Mislav’s thing

Platformer Sprite Animation

I get the idea behind where the arms and legs go, it’s the third frame most confusing, which is moving with the right(?)leg

Speaking of color palette, I’m still kinda confused by “Cohesive Color Palette”, I think I get the principal of sharing the darkest shadow and brightest lighting, but I’ll be kinda confused having to make colors for things outside a certain item/property

It’s much better than the previous version. Try exporting a larger size to make the details clearer.