Platformer View

I’m starting to work on Challenge 10, which is somehow something I am really confusing myself on how to do

This is my “cohesive color palette” and yes, I’m not sure how to make my own or how to really even do the instruction. I have something like the “Undead Asylum” from Dark Souls in-mind for the background and bits of the tileset…but just can’t figure it out

Challenge 10

And somehow, i keep on messing up my vision for the Character that will be used, especially in-terms of proportions

Challenge 10 Sprite To be

This is more of, my first ideas, before really trying to mold it, but somehow I just can’t get the shape right and near symmetrical

Im trying to go for something like the Deprived from Dark Souls I-III, but the physique, of well anything character-pixel wise, specifically for platformer, is what confuses me the most somehow

Or specifically, how to draw physiques outside of the one taught in the vids

I’m trying to go for something like that game Unworthy in-terms of shape, but can’t get a close enough look or find a pic best for imitating shape

(Okay, now that I think about it, any idea how to more properly start an original “template” for Platformer Pixel Characters that are more different than this example…I’m not sure how to properly attach a sword and shield even)

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