Play animation starting from a tagged frame doesn't work

Hi all!
I’m on Aseprite for Steam, Windows 10.
I’ve noticed a strange behavior in the timeline.

aseprite timeline tag bug

If I tag a frame and then try to play the animation from that frame, the animation doesn’t start at all.
It doesn’t matter the frame number.
If I then delete the tag, I can go back and play from there again.
I don’t believe this is an intended feature.

hi, fabiano! it is intended. when the animation is started inside tag, it will loop in it. which in your case is single frame. if you start the animation outside any tags, it will loop normally (unless you have ‘Loop’ tag in timeline).

you can right click on play button and switch on “play all frames (ignore tags)”.


Oh! I see!
Thanks for the reply, it’s clear that I’m still quite new to Aseprite then. :smiley:

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