Play preview animation shortcut doesn't work

Hi, just a minor thing: I’ve noticed recently that when I hit shift+enter the play preview button turns blue but doesn’t change to stop button and animation is not playing in preview window as expected.
To test it I restarted aseprite and changed shortcut to something else few times, which gave me same results.
Note: when I click on play preview button, or press enter everything works fine.
I’m running on win7.

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I’m experiencing the exact same bug, the shortcut to play animation in the preview window does not work, it only changes the button (the play triangle or stop square) to a become “pressed” (darken), but it does not play or stop the preview animation. Tried different shorcut keys too. Using mouse to click the play button works as normal.

Running the standalone downloaded version v1.2.16.3-x64 on Windows 10.

EDIT: Okay it works after I’ve updated to the latest update lol (v1.2.17-x64)