Plugin to get this output when exporting?

Hello, can a plugin be programmed to achieve this type of export?, graphics for amstrad cpc.

That is, I don’t need to export the image itself in png, I need a text file with the color values of the pixels for assembler and the height and width data.

Hola, ¿se puede programar un plugin que al pulsar en exportar te genere un archivo con los valores de color de los pixeles, el ancho y el alto de la imagen?.
Tal y como se puede ver aquí:


Esto son datos para ensamblador para amstrad cpc, cada valor representa dos pixeles a lo ancho, el mode 1 en amstrad.

sure! some time ago someone needed something similar - they posted an extension, so maybe that will help: Exporting indices - #8 by Strupf
in general, you can use lua’s i/o library (file open, read, write, etc.): Programming in Lua (first edition) so it’s just a matter of getting the colour values, storing them in table and then writing content of that table to file.


Thanks, I’ll check that code as soon as I can.