PNG files are blurry

Whenever I export a png file it’s very blurry. How do I fix this?

Aseprite exports very sharp files in my experience, are you sure it’s not the viewer you’re using that’s making it appear blurry? For example, social media sites will scale your art up, blurring it. If you need to post your art somewhere where it’ll be scaled up, export it scaled up by some amount (Aseprite offers a pixel-perfect scaling option in the export dialog), so that when it’s scaled, it won’t be as blurred.

The Windows 10 photo viewer is also notorious for adding interpolation to images and it’ll make pixel art look blurry.

I’m sure, it’s blurry even in unity. I’m using pixel perfect, I have no idea what went wrong

It’s not just windows ten viewer, I put it in aseprite and discord and it was still blurry

Hello I see that this is an old comment but recently I am having the same issue, I am running a macbook air and after saving the file as Png and doing every single thing I could find through the community I can’t find the solution. It isn’t blurry when I view it in my visual coding but its after I add it to my photos app on my mac is when its gets blurry. Any suggestions ?

Sounds like the photos app is zooming in on your art and blurring it. Try exporting it from Aseprite with a larger scale factor, so that it doesn’t need to be scaled more. Aseprite’s scaling is sharp and well-suited for pixel art.

Okay, in sprite size or resize in the export file?

In File > Export.... If you use Sprite Size, you’ll modify your original document, which is not what you want in this case.