Polish Language for Aseprite

Hi, yesterday I took on the task of translating the latest beta of Aseprite (1.3 beta14) into Polish, for fun :laughing:.
I also added Polish characters manually (I based on the Russian translation file.
I tried to export the font in graphic form but each time I had problems.)
Unfortunately, I have not yet modified the aseprite-mini (it is possible that I will not even succeed). :sweat:
I hope it will be useful to someone.
If there are any errors in the translation, I will try to correct them as soon as possible :smiley:

Hi everyone!
I have updated the Aseprite Polish translation to the latest version.
Iโ€™ve added all the mini letters (as much as I could) and in addition to the beta version (1.3.21) Iโ€™ve added the translation to the stable version (1.2.40) :slight_smile:
I corrected all errors and incorrect formatting.
I canโ€™t quite use Github yet (I donโ€™t know how to pull request correctly).
Could I kindly ask someone to add my repositories to the main branch?
Or instructions on how to do it? xD
Thank you in advance! :3
Beta: GitHub - PxSprite/aseprite-beta-pl: Polish Translation of Aseprite beta version
Stable: GitHub - PxSprite/aseprite-stable-pl: Polish translation of Aseprite stable version