Possible IPad support in the future?

This program is my daily driver. I use it everyday Love the features and its helping me with my full time job. I find myself on a lot of meetings and calls where im not on my computer. Was wondering if there are any plans for mobile. Right now there’s really not a lot of choices with pixel art apps on mobile devices. Procreate being the lead for the best Digital art app on the app store imo, one thing it doesn’t support is pixel art. Yes, in theory you can do pixel art on procreate but the hassle you have to go through to get it started is just not worth it. I feel like if Aseprite came to mobile like the app store, that it would be a game changer and shut down alot of the pixel apps on the market. Is there any plans for a jump like this? Im not sure how the transition would be on a apple product.

This question comes up a lot. A recent comment from the devs I saw said that “there are plans for a mobile version, it was planned for years ago, but probably will take a couple of years”. So it might happen but not anytime soon.

Understood. Iv looked everywhere on the app store and using aseprite for so long no other app can touch the features that this program offers. Hopefully something will come of it soon.

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