Possible to rearrange tiles in tileset?

I would like to know if it’s possible to rearrange the tiles in my tileset. The first tile is blank which offsets the order of my tiles by one, making it difficult to visualize while I’m creating a tilemap.

See the attached image for reference.

yes you can, select a tile and drag it using the hihglighted border, however it will rearrenge everything so it will take a while

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Since the first tile will be the empty tile and it can’t be deleted, it might be easier to create a bunch of empty/placeholder tiles (a row’s worth, minus one tile) by dragging that || that appears after the last tile, and drag them to the first row, so they’re next to the required empty tile. Then, your properly arranged tileset can start on the next row, with less arrangement work.

Also, note that any tile rearrangement will break your existing tilemap, as tile references don’t get updated when tiles are rearranged. You should be able to press “Remap Tiles” to fix it after rearranging.

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thank you so much!

great idea, thank you so much!