Pressure sensitivity min relative to max

Hi there, I’ve been playing with the pressure sensitivity for brush size in sidecar and it works great! The only quirk I’ve noticed is that the min value doesn’t change when the global brush size on the main UI is changed.

What I’m seeing: If I’m painting and want to change the brush size I’ll typically use the main UI brush size control rather than the pressure sensitivity menu brush size control. When I do this the min size value doesn’t change, and can even end up larger than the max.

What I’d like: When I do this I would hope that the min size would also shift to stay either proportional or relative to the global brush size.

Perhaps the pressure sensitivity menu can be used to select a percentage of the main brush size so that the pressure sensitivity interface doesn’t need to update when the brush size changes? Just a thought.

Many thanks,

hi! i don’t see the problem with this, but i do think there should be a way to preserve ability to invert pressure/velocity settings. it would be nice to have it for gradients too. perhaps first slider could be linked to size with the second slider going from -max px to +max px. (max in our case is aseprite’s limit on brush size, which is 64px)