Preview not showing all frames

Hello all,

I have just started playing around with this software today and have gotten my feet wet with some simple animation.

All works well when I play it on the main canvas however when I look at my animation in the preview window a couple of my middle frames are missing.

I have only 2 layers and 13 frames and I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen or if I accidentally made a wrong setting.

I have looked through the docs and online but can’t seem to find what I am looking for, if anyone knows what I mean or could point me to the right doc I would be very grateful.

version 1.2.9
OS: Windows 7 Pro


What version of Aseprite are you using, and which OS?

Hey, sorry for not mentioning it on the initial post.

I am running version 1.2.9
OS: Windows 7 Pro

What is the duration of each frame? Check if there is no a frame with little duration, maybe it’s visible in the main canvas but then it’s skipped in the preview. It should not happen :thinking: if you are able to, you can send me the .aseprite file to so I can take a look if it’s an issue of the sprite or in the program.

Hey so I just ignored it and continued going through with the animation and when I opened the preview window again, everything was fine.

I am starting to think that it was user error as yesterday was literally the first time I ever opened Aseprite.

Thanks for the info though, will keep the support suggestion in mind if I ever encounter something else.

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