Preview Window becomes size (0,0) after switching to 'Home' tab [v1.3-beta1]

Loving the beta branch so far! I ran into a small issue with the ‘Preview Window’ change however.

While using the Preview Window and having it on a secondary monitor, switching to the ‘Home’ tab in Aseprite and back to the file, makes the preview window take on the smallest possible size a window can be. You then manualy have to resize the window again to be able to see the preview.



  1. Open an Aseprite File, enable Preview and move the Preview to a secondary monitor.
  2. Switch to the ‘Home Tab’ in Aseprite. This will make the preview disappear as it should.
  3. Switch back to the original file tab.
  4. The Preview will reappear, but will have lost it’s previously set size.

I tested this on my vertical and horizontal secondary monitors, and this problem persists on both. Therefore I doubt it has anything to do with the vertical monitor setup

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