Preview window colors are a little desaturated?

i might be wrong, maybe my brain is playing tricks on me, but look at the color difference
i am using layers in this file, but seperating complete object like player/grass etc.
i tried looking at it without layers and it still looks desaturated

hi, there. the preview looks same to me. i even checked the colours on this printscreen and they are same.

that’s so weird, maybe its the aseprite version? im using v1.3-beta5-x64
i guess im just wrong

It could be that your monitor isn’t calibrated correctly, or perhaps you’re looking at it from a bad angle.

Here’s a website I use to make sure my monitor is calibrated correctly. There’s several test images, each with clear instructions. Might be worth looking over when you have time to spare; give you peace of mind.


you are right! i just checked it out, my screen is big so i look down on the preview and its looks different -.-" never noticed it until now! thanks

this website is great, i used it when i got the monitor! took my a while to calibrate everything but i got a great result from it