Preview window disappears when clicking away from Aseprite on macOS

So it’s great to be able to have the Preview window be separate from the main Aseprite UI. I’m using this feature to place it on a separate monitor to then screen record it. You get a nice video out of it that’s not affected by the constant zooming and scrolling you tend to do whilst pixelling in the main editor.

The problem with this method however is that for the Preview window to be visible, Aseprite has to be the active application. Meaning, if you click or CMND+Tab away from Aseprite to work in another app (be it a browser or what have you, the Preview window disappears. Disastrous for your nice screen recording session. This really shouldn’t happen.
A side effect to this also is that it doesn’t allow screen recording apps like iShowU Instant (what I’m using), or OBS to see the preview window for easy selecting to set up the screen recording coordinates (which part of the desktop real-estate) you’d like to record. So instead of just being able to click on the Preview window to lock in its coordinates, you end up faffing around a screen marquee box to manually define the coordinates. Tedious and prone to inaccuracies.

So until this bug is fixed I’m going to have to stick to the old UI where the Preview window hovers on top of the Aseprite UI. Far from ideal for obvious reasons.

Note: I’m running macOS Sonoma 14.1.2 and Aseprite v1.3.2 trial version.

Ugh, okay this is actually worse as it also happens with the old UI mode. So basically any time Aseprite is not the active, foreground app the Preview window is not visible. This is a very odd UI design decision.

Is this something that can be addressed and fixed relatively easily?

at the present if i can remember correcly, no ui element is separate from aseprite, so i dont think its as much of a bug as it is just not a feature right now, thought as long as i am rendering aseprite its doesnt disapper even if it is not the current active application, so it may be a bug after all? idk honestly i didnt quite get your report, but i only have one monitor and am on windows so i dont think i have much say.

Thank you for your input.
I don’t think I can post screen recordings here, so I’ve posted one over on my Twitter page.


first if its related to the problem you absolutely can, and yes it does seem to be a bug in mac, im on windows and i can definely do that.

Just tried it with the Windows trial version under Windows 11, running in Parallels Desktop VM. And the problem does not occur there. So it then seems endemic to the macOS version.

updated the topic to indicate this is a macOS specific bug.

Soo… how do we know if bug reports are acknowledged by the developers? Would love to know if this will be looked at/fixed or if it is pretty low in the priority list. Just to I can adjust my expectations accordingly.

Is there a bug database somewhere?

This bug is a bit of a showstopper for me. Would love to use the Preview window as a source for screen recording. But if it disappears anytime I click outside the Aseprite window, to access anything else on my computer, it would make for some pretty disruptive recordings that would require a ton of editing.

Hi @DannyHEY, we move bug reports from this forum to GitHub from time to time when we can reproduce it or are active between several users.

About this specific bug, it’s a known issue (I’ve experienced myself this) and there is a way to fix it but I remember the solution wasn’t 100% right. I’ve just create a new issue to keep track of this issue for next releases:

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Hi @dacap thank you for your reply. Would you prefer we keep our communication about bug reports on this forum here, or on GitHub?

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help with this bug.