Problem compiling Skia

When attempting to compile Skia on Win10 with the command

ninja -C out/Release-x64 skia modules

it gave the following in the console:

ninja: Entering directory `out/Release-x64'
[51/1099] copy ../../third_party/externals/icu/common/icudtl.dat 
FAILED: icudtl.dat
python C:/deps/skia/gn/ 
../../third_party/externals/icu/common/icudtl.dat icudtl.dat
[68/1099] compile ../../src/opts/SkOpts_sse41.cpp
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

I’m not quite sure how to fix this, and was wondering if anyone has any fixes or tips.

Update: after running the command a few times, it now tells me I need to install Python, but I already have Python 3.8 installed.

EDIT: Resolved. Apparently I required the Windows Store version, not the one from the Python website in its default install location.

Hi there @Aderondak! Just want to drop a line so you don’t feel alone in this one. I had this same issue last week, and my solution was this:

  1. As it says that python C:/deps/skia/gn/ is failing creating a process, I thought that maybe was trying to call cp command
  2. So the issue is that cp command wasn’t available for the compilation process
  3. I’ve started and environment (put a directory in PATH) with the cp.exe available (e.g. msys from MozillaBuild) and the problem was fixed.

Not sure if this is the real solution, but wanted to give another option for users that might watch this thread.

Hi @Aderondak, I’m Martín Capello, I have started working on Aseprite along my brothers recently, and just run into the same issue today! I’m using Windows too, in my case, adding Python’s executable path to the PATH variable made the trick.

NOTE: I didn’t install python, I just used the path to the python binary included on the depot tools.

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