Problem in the package.json exemple

just a little thing on the web site, at this address, in the package.json exemple script :

  "name": "language-example",
  "displayName": "Language Example",
  "description": "Translation to Language Example by Full Name",
  "version": "1.0",
  "author": { "name": "Full Name", "url": "" },
  "categories": [
  "contributes": {
    "palettes": [
      { "id": "my-language", "path": "./my-language.ini" }

Under contributes, there is written palettes instead of languages.
That’s not a big problem, but it made me rage because I was not understanding why my language extension were not working (I understood when I realize that my extension was in the “Palettes” categorie).

Sorry if my english make troubles :grimacing:.