Problem installing plugin

Hello, I am getting two errors when I try to install my plugin.

Mistake 1.
I try to install the plugin by running the .aseprite-extension file

Mistake 2.
I try to add the plugin from “Edit → preferences → extensions → add extensions”:

Plugin installed but crash occurs.
Plugin with inconsistent behavior.

How should I fix this?


I was able to install the extension you linked in both 1.2.40 and 1.3-beta21.

However, I took a look at your Lua script and it doesn’t seem to be prepared as an extension. It looks like it would be more suitable to register a new command that would run this code when clicked on a menu option.

But the script is run by clicking “File → Scripts → 8BPExporter” then you get the txt file.

Ok, regarding the aforementioned errors, I think it is because of the following:
I use aseprite portable and I think you use aseprite installed.
I think the scripts are only installed if the user has aseprite installed.

The scripts will not be installed in the portable version of aseprite.