Problem panning and zooming with tablet all of a sudden

Hello, I was trying out the beta 1.3 and the program suddenly crashed. When I started it again I couldn’t pan (middle-mouse) properly with tablet + pen, it just lags behind (Tablet + mouse works fine). Then zooming with pen buttons zooms from the center even tho I have the setting not to zoom from center. (works fine with mouse). Almost feels like the cursor is “stuck” in the middle of the screen when using pen. Even when I uninstalled, restarted pc and switched to non-beta the problem still occurs. Really annoying and would appreciate and help.

Have you tried changing the settings in Preferences > Tablet? Perhaps somehow the wrong driver got set, or Windows Ink got turned on in Windows (if that’s your OS), or something like that.

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Oh thank you so much that solved the problem, I switched to Wintab