Problem with 2:1 pixel ratio opening images

Hello, there is a problem when opening images with pixel aspect ratio 2: 1, Amstrad style let’s go.

For example, this image:

If you copy it and open it in aseprite with a ratio of 1: 1, it opens up nicely but if you open it with a ratio of 2: 1, it is resampled and unraveled.

So how should I open this image in 2: 1 to open it correctly with its original aspect ratio?

Hola, hay un problema al abrir imagenes con pixel aspect ratio 2:1, estilo Amstrad vamos.

Por ejemplo, esta imagen:

Si la copias y la abres en aseprite con ratio 1:1, se abre bien pero si la abres con ratio 2:1, se vuelve a resamplear y se descuadra.

Entonces ¿cómo debo abrir esta imagen en 2:1 para abrirla correctamente con su aspect ratio original?

That image has a 1:1 pixel ratio, but each pixel is doubled. You would need to scale it down to 50% width (don’t change the height), so that the doubled pixels turn into single pixels.

Ok, I understand, thanks.