Problem with GIF playback (1.2.13)

Hello, when playing this GIF at speeds less than 1 (0.50x and 0.25x), pauses occur and the speeds do not add up.
Others speeds also have problems.
I think there is a problem there.

Hola, al reproducir este GIF en velocidades menor a 1 (0.50x y 0.25x) se producen parones y las velocidades no cuadran.
Realmente ocurre con otras velocidades también, en definitiva hay un error al reproducir este GIF.
Creo que hay un problema ahí.

Hi there @SynthED! I’ve tested it at x0.25 and the animation takes 34 seconds more or less (I’ve manually taken the time, which is the expected duration => 8.58 seconds * 4 = 34.32 seconds).

What frames do you think are running at an invalid speed with x0.5 or x0.25?

Ok, let’s see if this video is useful for you by showing it.

Ok, a ver si te sirve este vídeo mostrandolo.


I tried to watch the video but saw this message You are not authorized to download this file :cry:

And here?

But what is the specific problem? :sweat_smile: From the video I see that the animation at x1 or x0.25 are running correctly (seeing the duration of the frames).

For example, if you put x1, it looks like the animation runs at the same speed as in the browser. And if you put x0.25, the animation runs 4 times slower. But maybe I’m missing something.

Check tha frame 6 has a duration of 750ms, and frames 7 and 8 have 90ms, and then 30ms or 60ms (that’s why the next frames are faster).

Ok it was because each frame has a speed.
I recorded the gif using a program called gifcam and simply recorded gif of the monitor, it does not allow editing the frame rate, so I assumed that all frames had the same speed but for some reason they have different speeds.

Ok era debido a que cada frame tiene una velocidad.
Grabé el gif usando un programa que se llama gifcam y simplemente graba gif del monitor, no permite editar la velocidad de los frames, entonces supuse que todos los frames tenían la misma velocidad pero por alguna razón tienen velocidades diferentes.

Actually I think the confusion can appear because Aseprite merge all consecutive frames that are equal just in one frame making it longer. (So if there are 3 consecutive frames of 30ms that look exactly the same, they will result in one frame of 90ms on Aseprite when the GIF is loaded.)