Problem with the toolbar

Hi, is it possible to prevent that after choosing one tool and changing to another, the previous tool is changed automatically? For example, if I choose the “line” tool, then change to “eraser” and then return to “line”, the tool changes itself to “curve”, which is quite annoying.

It happens with all the tools, the secondary one is always selected if I forget to double click or if I don’t use the shortcuts.

Any alternative would work for me, I simply want tools that I don’t usually use not to be selected, if it is possible to edit the toolbar that would be great too.

Thanks to everyone who answers me, have a nice day.

Hi @JACK_jcs, this is not the expected behavior, using a single click in the tool should select that tool (and not other one inside the group). What version of Aseprite are you using? what operating system? and are you using a stylus/pen?

Windows 10, using a Huion HS611 tablet and have Aseprite 1.2.40

It’s been a while and I’ve kind of given up on fixing this but I think the best way to describe it is saying that “the tools returns to the default one when changing to a different one” or something like that, it’s still extremely annoying after 5- 8 hours of work, any ideas on how to avoid it? Maybe it is possible to disable that automatic selection?