Problems with the pencil tool


I have two problems using the pencil tool:

  1. I cannot redefine the right-click action. Even if I set something in “edit-preferences->editor->right-click” it keep using “paint with background colour”. It saves the settings correctly, but does not use them.

  2. I cannot paint with transparent colour. The brush with transparent colour does nothing instead of erasing.

Yes, I’m trying to recreate the graphics gale behavior.

I’m using Aseprite v 1.2.25-x64 on Kubuntu.

I’d appreciate it a lot, if somebody can help me with this problem.

If you are using either indexed mode or a background layer then you cannot have transparency on the bottom layer, and erasing will paint the background color instead. If your bottom layer has an underscored name, right click it and pick “Layer from Background”.

Make sure you pick transparent background when you make a new file.

Thank you for your answer, but it seems, that the problem is with the “pencil tool” only.

If I’m using “rectangle”, “elipse” or even the “spray” tool, I can color pick with the right mouse and erase with the transparent colour. So it works like expected.

But if I switch to “pencil” tool, the I can only paint with the front/backround colours, cannot erase with the transparent colour and the function of the right mouse button is stuck to the “paint with the backgroung colour”.

Hi @yarooze, from the config file that you share with us via email, it looks like the problem is that you’ve the “Shading Ink” selected which changes the right-click behavior.

You can change it to Simple Ink and it should start working again:


Thank you dacap. This fixed the problem.

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