Python scripting abilities

Hi. I know aseprite supports lua as mentioned in Aseprite - Docs - Scripting. I think it would be great if aseprite supports Python.

If we want to add some complicated algorithm, for example artificial intelligence plugins, lua is not convenient. Also, there are many image processing packages in Python such as PIL, numpy and opencv. If aseprites supports Python, it can make use of them.

I am glad to make contribution for this feature. And I want to listen to the community first.

thats a huge ask, but i guess it is more approacheable than lua.

I think if the devs put additional effort into multiple language support, it would probably be easier for them to simply provide a library & headers for other programs to link against, and leave the actual interop development to the community. There’s less maintenance, since they only have to maintain a single layer instead of every imaginable language interop, and it’s simpler to develop since they don’t then need to hire or train someone for each language that gets requested.