Question about the resolution and resize in Aseprite

The thing is that I have a 16x16 px sprite, so I want it to export with a great resolution, but when I try to export with the highest resize (1000%) it exports with a resolution of 160x160 px, so my question is, There is a way to resize the image with a higher resolution? :thinking:

You can scale the art up using Sprite Size prior to export. I’d recommend doing this on a copy of the sprite (Sprite > Duplicate), so you don’t accidentally save over the original.

If this is for social media, I recommend adding an empty frame around the art, that’ll give you more pixels to work with and make your art look better once it’s in a post. Better yet, group multiple 16x16 sprites into one image (with space between them), and scale that up. You’ll probably find that 1000% scaling is more than enough then. Even scaled up a lot, a single 16x16 image doesn’t usually make for an interesting social media post.

Thank you very much