Question Regarding LUA scripts - Setting ContiguousFill [SOLVED]

I cant for the life of me find out how to go about activating ContiguousFill through script, any help is greatly appreciated

Welcome @Cloud-Yo! The contiguous fill is a setting available for each tool (so it depends on the app.activeTool), and it’s accesible through the app.preferences object:

app.preferences.tool(app.activeTool).contiguous = true

There is a way to switch this setting with app.command.ContiguousFill(), but you never know when it’s activated until you check the app.preferences.tool(app.activeTool).contiguous value.


Thanks for replying. Yeah I had tried using the app.command.ContiguousFill() after having set the active tool to bucket_fill…but it didnt seem to work. Ill try using the line you provided. thanks again.

[edit] thanks it worked perfectly!