[Question] Transparent layer deletion for sprite outlining

Whenever I wish to outline a sprite, I find that I must first use the wand tool to click on the empty space and delete it. Below is an image of what an outline attempt looks like if I don’t delete the empty space:

Now after i delete this empty space, my outlines look how i want them to, solid black with a 1 pixel thickness.

I’d like to know if there is a way to skip this ‘empty space deletion process’ so that i dont have to delete it every single time i want to outline.

My process:
Create an 8x8 sprite
Resize to by 600% by nearest neighbour
Delete transparent layer
F9, Outline square

Thanks in advance.

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I didn’t was sure of the behaviour that you described, so I tried to replicate it, and it’s just like you said. That behaviour is really strange indeed XD

This totally looks like a bug, so I think this message should be moved into that category, can you change it? I don’t remember if users could do it or if we should ask for help to an admin so they move it.