[Questionable] Color selection when using transparency and layer blending returns inaccurate color

Selecting color always returns color seen on screen, not color used in layer.
For example, we have transparent layer with Alpha equal to 128. It has a red line with #FF0000 A255. Using Eyedropper tool on it will return #FF0000 A128. Obviously drawing on that same layer will result in #FF0000 A64 on screen.

Is this intended? Because for desired result I need to change layer to A255, draw and change back to original Alpha, or remember all colors used. Things get really messy when blending modes are used - especially XOR and others.

Expected Eyedropper behaviour:
Eyedropper should return original color, which is used on layer. Or use some key modifier to act either the way it is now or to pick original layer color.

You can switch to the “Current Layer” mode to do that: