"Quick Access" or "favorites" panel for Save\Open file windows?

Hey there! Huge fan of the app and very grateful.

One quality-of-life feature I find I keep wanting and that I didn’t see on the roadmap, would be a side panel on the file open\save dialog window which lets you define some pinned"favorite" folders to make quick navigation between file folders on your drive easier. Especially bouncing between different content directories on different projects, it can get really tedious X)

(Something some apps don’t seem have but I’d love, is for this favorites panel to also have “grouping” options, so I could group “characters”, “tilesets”, “vfx” folder favorites into a single project specific collapsable group to make navigating between projects more organized.

I’m a bit worried that the general “favorite directory” functionality exists and I’m just missing it, but I poked around and couldn’t find anything on it, so thought I’d throw it out there!

hi, justin. at the moment you can drag and drop home tab to the left or right side and have recent folders and files pinned there.
also, you can use system file dialog, which on windows have quick access section. you’d need to set this option in preferences → general → use native file dialog.
more options to organize favourite folders (groups as you suggested, also some colour highlighting etc.) would be nice though.