Quick tablet taps connects two strokes

Hi everybody,

When I click twice in quick succession with my Wacom tablet (like when drawing dotted lines), Aseprite joins the second click with the first. Here’s a video of it happening: https://i.imgur.com/Oomi5IH.mp4

This does not happen with a mouse, and does not happen on other drawing programs. I tried adjusting the “Double-Tap” settings in “Pen and Touch” in the control panel to make the timing-window and distance as small as possible so it’s a little bit better, but it still happens sometimes.

I’m using a wacom Intuos on Windows 10, Aseprite 1.3-rc6

Alright I got a workaround. If I go to Preferences → Tablet and select “Wintab” instead of “Windows 8/10 Pointer API”, the problem goes away.