Random color glitches after rendering

Rendering keeps giving me a headache with random color glitches for no reason at all. Any solution? (also, this is not a now problem, keep having this since 1.2.9)

If your GIF contains more then 256 colours in total in a frame, it’ll be downsampled to 256 because that’s as much as the GIF format can support. Sometimes this leads to wonky colour changes like in yours.

The only thing Aseprite could improve here is to make wiser decisions about which colours to keep/merge, but fundamentally, there will always be a loss of data when exporting a high-colour image to GIF.

The best way to avoid this is to limit your colour counts by reusing colours and being careful with where/how you use colour blending.

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yeah, i recommend scaling down your colorsi can see a lot of colors that could be the same here especially because this is a very monotone piece it relly could do with some color reducing