Random crashes during use

I’m using 1.3 and after opening 3-4 images and copy pasting here and there, the program closes itself.
What can i check or do to see if something’s wrong?

Hi @Anuuuuue, what operating system are you using? Windows, macOS, or Linux? What kind of images are you copying/pasting? (RGB, Indexed, what size?)

W10, normal RGB images, the biggest one is just around 500x400px

Jist in case, check if you have wintab selected, and you might want to see if the windows pointer API avoid those crashes (in Edit > Preferences > Tablet).

I don’t have that option

Are you using v1.3? what specific version of Aseprite are you using? Could you take a screenshot of the whole screen (including the titlebar of the main window, which shows the full Aseprite version)?