Randomly goes to the very left/right of the canvas while doing anything

i keep having problems where it randomly goes to the edge of the canvas and will zoom away from the focus im working on
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/895142331123126332/1012108996301299782/wtf_is_happening.mp4 (the video of it happening)

Hmmm… Weird. I vaguely remember something like that happening on my old pc with aseprite (I dont know exactly as this was quit a few years ago). I was running Ubuntu and at the time linux support was generally bad so I just figured it was that or my pc being bad. I left aseprite for abit and came back with a new pc (still Linux) and it hasen’t happened to me.

Can you please tell me what OS you are on?

i use windows 10 (and i bought it on steam)

Same issue, the canvas randomly scrolls on the side, after returning the canvas at the center by scrollbars, the canvas automatically scroll again for two or three times, after a while it’s calm down.

Steam Aseprite Version v1.3-beta21x64 (The issue persist on the last stable version)
Gaomon PD1560 drawing tablet