Raspberry Pi OS 64bit - Crashing after clicking on palette presets button


After a bit of finagling, I was able to successfully compile v1.2.33 on Raspberry Pi OS 64bit (aarch64). It works great except for one minor issue where the application crashes with a segmentation fault whenever I click on the palette presets button.

Curiously, I am able to manually load palettes without issue. When I click on “presets” the dialog with the search bar at the top popups for a split second before the application crashes. I tried running it with the debug switch, but the log seems to suddenly end after attempting to load the palettes. For example, the last few lines look like this:

PAL: /home/strike/aseprite/build/bin/data/extensions/software-palettes/./smile-basic.gpl comment: SmileBASIC: http://smilebasic.com/en/reference/#constant
PAL: /home/strike/aseprite/build/bin/data/extensions/hardware-palettes/./vga-13h.gpl comment: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Psychonaut/ipalette.sh
VGA 13h standard palette
PAL: /home/strike/aseprite/build/bin/data/extensions/hardware-palettes/./virtualboy.gpl comment: Thanks to Planet Virtual Boy for the contribution
PAL: /home/strike/aseprite/build/bin/data/extensions/software-palettes/./web-safe-colors.gpl comment: ColorZilla Web Safe Colors palette
PAL: /home/strike/aseprite/build/bin/data/extensions/hardware-palettes/./zx-spectrum.gpl comment: ZX Spectrum
PAL: /home/strike/aseprite/build/bin/data/extensions/zughy-palettes/./zughy-32.gpl comment: by Zughy
PAL: /home/strike/aseprite/build/bin/data/extensions/hyohnoo-palettes/./mail24.gpl comment: by Hyohnoo
PAL: /home/strike/aseprite/build/bin/data/extensions/javierguerrero-palettes/./nyx8.gpl comment: by Javier Guerrero

Please let me know if I can provide any additional diagnostic information. Since I’m still able to load palettes manually it’s not a huge deal, and I realise I have a bit of a nonstandard setup going on, but any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: