Re-Color Custom Brush

I’m using the Custom Brush very heavily, in fact pretty much only. It’s a key to my painting in Aseprite.

When picking/eyedropping a color, I’d like to be able to not just have the custom brush become that single color, but instead re-color it for more artistic possibilities!

I don’t really mind how exactly the custom brush gets re-colored, but I’m thinking of two main methods: Either Constrained Re-coloring (new colors retrieved from the palette) or Free Re-coloring (colors have rotated hues and raised or lowered brightness based on the darkest color in the custom brush maybe).

I’m happy to provide an exact logic for re-coloring schemes, but would first like to know whether this could even be considered first.

for the first method you can use shading ink: Aseprite - Docs - Shading
it works both as normal single color brush as well as recoloring tool.

While useful, the shading ink doesn’t do what I was hoping for, as far as I can tell.

I’d like the brush to stay the same but change the internal colors according to a selected color*. I don’t want it to recolor painted pixels, I want the custom brush itself to be recolored, if that makes any sense?

*TLDR. Possible way(s) it could be recolored is debatable but I like the idea that uses the selected color as the base color, and from the darkest color among the custom brush colors, rotate all other colors according to the deviation between the darkest custom brush and the base color.

That became a mouthful but it’s tricky to describe. My key point: I wish I was able to paint in different color-ranges using custom brushes. Want to vary their color while maintaining their internal color relations…

In this short masterpiece demonstration, I have a custom brush with which I want to keep painting, but change its colors according to eydropped color. Think of the custom brush as an internal palette, that changes.

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oh, i see now what you’re asking for. indeed, shading ink won’t help here.

interestingly enough, custom brushes can not only store colours, but also replace them. however it doesn’t work as i would expect:
on the left are the custom brushes, on the right are same brushes when violet is selected.
that white/orange gets replaced by background colour, however in this case bg was mask, so the colour is somewhat random (possibly the last selected colour)?

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