README Whitespace Issues

In Aseprite v1.2.40-x64, the whitespace in the README could be improved.

Throughout the text, many words seem to have too much or too little space between them, making the content hard to read.

  1. The space following most links appears to be missing, so the next word immediately follows the link text. For example, the first bullet item contains what looks like “layers & framesas separated concepts”. There should be a space between “frames” and “as”.

  2. There should be a space after commas.

  3. Spaces inside link text should have the same 3px width as spaces outside of links. Currently they appear to have a 5px space, so the link text in the first bullet item looks like “layers & frames” when it should read “layers & frames”.

Here’s an animated GIF showing how the text would look with these changes applied:


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Hi @somethingSTRANGE, yeah, the markdown browser inside Aseprite doesn’t have too much love (it’s one of those “super low priority” things). But it would be nice to improve its readability as it might be used to open other markdown files in the future (maybe docs?).