Really proud of this one

Abandoned store
Made this abandoned store; I’m really proud of it and would like advice on how to make it better

its ok, but next time you save something to show, use the export feature, so you can resize into a bigger scale without messing with the aspecs, if i have to give a advice, you should learn a bit of composition, and using a palette would be good too, i can see many colors that could be used in other places were there are other unessesary colors mudding the artwork, also otheres a lot of orpham pixels that also mud the artwork.

also never forget to use references, if i didt know it was a store i would mistake for a guy in front a type of monument.

here are some .learning resources:
Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial;
Pixel Art Tutorial WIP;
Pixel Art Tutorials - The complete Pixelblog catalogue — SLYNYRD;

I did export it; and I also used a reference of kirby and the forgotten land but thanks for the advice!

by reference, you have to have both material reference(actual real life) and stlistic reference(your kirby), but material reference is more importatnt, you must know something before being able to deconstruct it well