Recover from backup

Hi, I have saved an aseprite file by overwriting the previous one and now I want to recover the previous one.
How can I know if there is a backup copy of the previous file? I don’t know what folder these copies are in or the extension they have.

Hola, he guardado un archivo aseprite sobreescribiendo el anterior y ahora quiero recuperar el anterior.
¿Cómo puedo saber si existe una copia de seguridad de el anterior archivo?, no sé en qué carpeta están estas copias ni la extensión que tienen.

Hi @SynthED! If you are lucky enough, you can recover your sprite from the “Recover Files” option in the “Home” tab:


Anyway I think that that option will recover the latest version by default. You can try the following:

  1. Try to recover the raw images as layers or frames:


  2. You can send me at the specific “sessions” folder and I can see if I can restore the previous version.


Ok, thanks for the info.
When you told me this I had already done the job but now I know for future losses.