Refresh a reference layer

maybe the concept of reference in Aseprite is different from other softwares. I saw that you can create a layer reference from other files which is cool, but I seems (or at least I didn’t saw) that you can’t update the referenced file?
My idea was that to create an environment, for instance a landscape, where the elements, like rocks, trees, vegetation, cabines are references from other scenes so you can work each individually and merge them all togeteher in the scene. But for this to work, I would need to be able to do some change in the referenced files, for instance the tree file, and then see all those changes updated in all the referenced layers “calling” that tree file. This will update the main landscape file with all the changes done in the trees.

Is this possible or a feature for later version? I looked for refresh referenced layer in the forum but didn’t see any topic like it.