Render problem(occurs only in Game)

I have created a sprite with the size 600x300. I imported it as PNG, GIF etc.
but when I am starting the Game the image loses quality. I didnt rescale the picture.
Open for any Help:)

Here are Images in Game and on Aseprite

On Aseprite:

In Game Maker:

It looks like in-game, you’re rendering the image at a size other than the original 600x300 or a multiple of that size, but rather a little over twice as large. Scaling pixel art unevenly will always reduce quality, make sure you render your art at a multiple of the original size (1x, 2x, 3x, etc).

So does this mean I should change the resolution of the game?


In general, you should try to make your game work at any resolution the user wants, however. Pixel art makes this challenging since it can’t be freely scaled, so you may want to implement some sort of best-fit system where the game will automatically use the largest integer scale that’ll fit on the screen. I find pixel art games easiest to deal with by rendering them at 1x scale to a texture, and then scaling the texture when rendering it to the screen. This way, everything in the game is scaled the same way, with no mismatched scaling or misaligned “pixels”.

Thanks for replying
I change the way the sprite is drawing, now it looks better. All drawing for my object is now done through code.
In Game Maker 1.4 there are two ways of drawing a sprite.

  1. You select a sprite in the object information draw a sprite in the draw event with the code: draw_sprite(sprite, subimg, x, y);"
    or draw_sprite_streched() etc.
    I asume that game maker doesnt render well well if I select a sprite at the object information and have a draw event for that same object.
    You mentioned that a 1x scale would be the best because pixels are 1x1 wich makes sense. My room seize for the game is 850p x 480p. So it isnt 1x1. I changed the room seize and got diffrent scaling results. Hoever I cant change much because I am far into development. Therefore it is really important to plan stuff out before crating a game.
    Thanks for the consistent help eishiya :smile:

Here is the improved quality of the picture:

Can you not render the sprite without scaling it to the size of the room, and leave empty space on the sides or crop as needed? I haven’t used GM, but from what I understand, a room can consist of almost anything, and the sprites you draw can be sized independently of the room.

(Since this isn’t an Aseprite issue though, it’s best we continue this in PMs if we continue at all, rather than bumping up this topic.)