"Repeat cels" (looping backgrounds) Concept

Everyone who has ever animated in Flash exactly knows what I’m talking about. A repetitive animated action in the background (waterfall loop, machines, dynamic background trees or whatever idk). In Flash you of course put it in a graphic Symbol an set it to loop… That’s it it still loops and you don’t care anymore! And what’s better you can modify it just once and it changes everywhere

Now I don’t exactly expect symbols in a pixel art program, but i have an idea which imho wouldn’t even be so hard to do.
What I mean is a “Repeat Cels” button. You draw – let’s say – three different frames at the beginning. That’s your loop (you can use the Set Loop Section option to check if it actually loops good). Now what you do is select your three loop frames and ALL following empty frames where you want it to be looped. Now you right click and choose “Repeat Cels”. It would just fill it all with the three frames repeating. It might also Link all the corresponding frames together (1–4–7, 2–5–8, 3–6–9 for example) so you can modify your loop like a symbol, but I’m not sure if that’s possible with how the linking feature works…

I think this simple feature would save a lot of copy+pasting and not being limited to static backgrounds would give us much more possibilities.

PS: Just saying there could also be a third Continuous method that would do the process with future added frames, but just that’s just straight utopia right there.



this would be very useful.

I like this idea a lot ^^

There are some ideas to do compositions of sprites, but they are too complex.

The “Repeat Cels” option can be easily be done (it’s like executing Frame > Duplicate Linked Cels on a continuous layer several times).

The extra continuous method looks like a nice idea too, a little more complex, but I like it in the sense that it only modifies the “new frame” command/etc behavior (the sprite/.aseprite file still can be saved exactly in the same way).

When I think about it it might not be practical for the function to just pick full and empty frames, so there should probably be a window like this:


David probably won’t do it but whatever I just like doing concepts:3

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